World Adrift EP

by Phuturesonic

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'Very summery and soulful! Good luck with it'
rich thair ( red snapper / toob )

The lovely mellow vibe on this track combined with some nice rhymes, a positive message and a great hook make for the perfect summer listen. Definitely one to watch

i like this tune..
bit of a breath of fresh air..
i like the breaks,the samples and the rappin..
MelanieJane got dragged on stage by me some years ago for a little vibe,
which worked...she gotta good homegrown style...
nice jazzy feel..and i like jazz.
make way UK phuturesonic a come...
Silverbullet (Bring forth the Gillotine and 20 Seconds to comply)

Very current and fresh with a nostalgic reference to the honest hip hop of yester-year.
The world is drifting away don't panic... listen.

"Thanks for the tracks , liking both the mixes , funky drums and good lyrics, ill be playing these for sure"
DJ Mat The Alien

'Really diggin’ World Adrift original, tight bossa hip hop perfect for
the club and the ‘pod alike.. Charting @ no 5. Want to hear more..'
Scott Hendy (Boca 45 / Dynamo Productions)

'Fat beats, dope lyrics'
Roger Sanchez

"Jon Kennedy's remix takes the essentials of the Phuturesonic original and combines it with a more classic beat programming - which gives the tune a very charming early 90's flavour. Nice work!"
Florian Keller

"Fantastic as ever.. the one man army that is Bristols Jon Kennedy "
DJ Arveene ( clampdown / dublin )

"nice retro funk groover dude, sweet."
Cut La Roc

"Thanks for the tracks , liking both the mixes , funky drums and good lyrics, ill be playing these for sure"
DJ Mat The Alien

'Deep and deadly dancefloor edit from Jon Kennedy, tight snappy drums and plenty of flourishes to keep the dancers dancin'. A real hip swinger!'
Pete Isaac (Jelly Jazz)

"Nice laidback grooves working well with the rhodes and lyrics. Good job!"
Marc Hype (mpm rec. / soulclap! / berlin)

"'Another solid rework from Jon Kennedy - signature deep bass and sample mastery''
Fletch ( The Sixth Letter / Rocstar / JKF)

"the sound and the groove are perfect, yet, it is not the kind of stuff i play or produce. i guess that break-beat and electro-funk djs/producers will love it."
mixmonster (Radio trip, The Apples, The Koliphones) Tel Aviv.

"The remix is a jazzy dancefloor sureshot, the beat drives this one into peaktime play for me. 110% support."
Masas Sutela ( Traveller records / Finland )

"I love the drum line there for sure, it's kind light but getting groovier after i listen more, then nice and soulful background vocal."
DJ V Nuts ( DMC China )

"Kennedy takes this tune into much deeper territory with a remix teeming with soul and atmosphere. The trademark restraint and space in JKs productions are all over this remix, and serve to reinforce the meaningful lyrics. Could just be me, but I think I detect a cheeky nod to early Cypruss Hill with the 'Horsey' sample! lovely stuff
Will Sumsuch (Urban Torque, Latenite Lounging)

"like shut up and dance bum rushing the local jazz club, it's definately one for the dancers to show their moves to"
JOHN POWER DJ various london

"Damn, wish I'd gotten this before I did the last show--liking the bass and the energy! Guess I'll have to squeeze it into the next one!"
T-Bird / Wtnr

'A little Breakmonster! Rumpshaking us to the next level Fonkyness! It is One tune Drifting in 'ur minds for the rest of the day! Straight No Chasers!
Hendrik De Backer ( FM Brussels )

cool uptempo funk from jon
mark rae ( yes king / grand central )

Break Beats! Yeah! Totally different from the original, but still flows with the same structure.
Nice remix! Will definitely pop this one in and bang it out,killer breaks!
DJ Jon Kennedy ( chicago USA )

"wicked beat, like it a lot! "Monsieur Kennedy" at his best!
Dustbowl (Filewile / Mouthwatering Records )

"Liquid Niceness"
DJ Wax On

"the remix is great man, great groove, crispy drums. reall really nice work."
Evirgen ( aber records / vienna )

"Cool track,Nice Nu Jazz feel about it with a great funky ass break beat & some solid bottom end going on."
Doug Masters d*Funk

"Top tune, look forward to playing it out!"
Ross Wakefield-Part Time Heroes. Hideout Sessions Podcast/All Over

"jon bringing the acid jazz vibe back to life in 2009"
Jonny Miller (Jus'Listen UK)

"Like Rollerskatin round the park on a sunny afternoon with chrome rims and nitrogen-powered booster rockets on your skates."
Kaptin (Chrome Kids)

"Really nice base line, along with a jazz vocal & piano. good job. Sounds really Jon Kennedish"
Justas Fresh ( Monday Jazz, Lithuannia )

"Nice laidback grooves working well with the rhodes and lyrics. Good job!"
Marc Hype (mpm rec. / soulclap! / berlin)

"Nice uplifting, futuristic soul gem. Can't wait to place this one out!"
Dj Evo ( vancouver / beatstreet )

"Niceness! I'm playing this one tonight!"
DJ Hesh ( Finland / Arctic Circle )


released September 6, 2009



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Phuturesonic London, UK

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